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Google Adds TV Episode Search

Gordon Kelly


Google Adds TV Episode Search

I suspect it won't take long for this functionality to be tweaked for nefarious purposes...

Google has quietly announced it is launching a custom search to locate specific television show episodes. Cleverly, Google uses its monstrous databases to automatically display show seasons and episode breakdowns within them even if you simply search for a show title (as with The Simpsons below).

"As more and more full-length content is going online, we're making it easier to find the content you want by providing a more structured experience when you search for TV shows," said Google VP Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayer. "This week, we launched a way to search for specific TV show episodes as part of this effort. Now, when you search for your favorite TV show in Google Videos, check the lefthand toolbar for 'Episodes'. By clicking on the links in the Search Options panel, you can browse by season to see all episodes, and drill down to see all sources for a specific episode."

At the moment official services like Fox and Hulu dominate search results, though it doesn't take much effort to dig outside this copyright friendly bunch or to simply mask your IP address and watch them directly using any one of the thousands of free tools on the Web. Some searches do also draw up rather strange associated ads... Desperate *cough* Housewives *cough*.

Yep, I can't see this causing the broadcasters any sleepless nights whatsoever... whatsoever...


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