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Glasses-Free 3DTV [Nearly] Here

Ardjuna Seghers


Glasses-Free 3DTV [Nearly] Here

Come December, you will be able to enjoy something technology enthusiasts have been dreaming about ever since Avatar: glasses-free 3D TV in your home – if you live in Japan, that is.

As it turns out, Toshiba will actually be one of the first to have a screen available that lets you enjoy that third dimension without strapping lenses to your face (unless you need them to see the display in the first place, of course). It achieves this by using a perpendicular lenticular layer, similar to the new Nintendo 3DS.

Though the 466 x 350, 12in 12GL1 is probably closer to a photo frame, at 20in and sporting a HD-ready 720p resolution, the 20GL1 is just about usable as a movie showcase.

Even if its bezel and stand are practically bigger than the viewable screen, just think of how envious your friends will be as they all squeeze into the narrow viewing position from which they'll get the stereoscopic glory! It will only cost you an estimated £1,850 plus the cost of importing it from the land of the rising sun, and surely that's worth it to see Santa in 3D?

Or you could just get the 15in LG 15EL9500 OLED TV for less now, and wait till 2013 for Philips' quad-HD (4K), 56in glasses-free 3D monster. Your friends will probably be more impressed.

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