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Give Your iPod 80 Hours Battery Life

Gordon Kelly


Give Your iPod 80 Hours Battery Life

Battery life. Apart from design, interface, software and price could there be a more important factor?

Sonnettech clearly thinks not so it has come up with the ‘Volta’ a strapping battery pack add-on for the iPod which it claims can deliver up to 80 hours of music playback or 16 hours of video on a single charge.

The boast is not surprising either since the 2100mAh capacity of the Volta is closer to what you would expect from a second laptop battery rather than an iPod accessory. Of course you’ll have to pay a bulk penalty for such stamina since the Volta measures 111 x 51 x 26mm (rather like strapping two 5.5G iPods together) but it does mean your foot can be tapping for over three days.

Funnily enough, despite these monstrous figures the Volta doesn’t come close to the incredible 153 hours served up by MobiBLU’s DAH-1900 but to be fair that is pretty much all that player has going for it.

Currently the Volta is only available in Japan but the company has its own English language website and is planning to bring the extreme add-on to Western shores soon. So if you feel modern technology has yet to fully cripple your social interaction drive the knife home with this.


Sonnettech Volta Product Page

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