Gigabyte M8600 Gaming Mouse

More universally praise worthy was a new mice dubbed the M8600. This 6,000 DPI laser mouse mostly looks just like any other gaming mouse with a bit of angular styling. However, it has a hidden secret: like the Razer Mamba it can switch between wired and wireless modes in an instant. Note, this isn't the pseudo wireless mode used in the Microsoft Sidewinder X8, which simply has a magnetically tethered charging cable. Plug in the mini-USB cable (that pulls out the front) and this mouse eschews its wireless connection and communicates over USB.

What's so good about this? Well, despite advances in recent years, wireless mice still have a slight lag to them that if you're into your gaming, you will notice, especially FPS gamers.

Another seemingly neat feature is that the battery pack can be removed and plugged into the wireless reciever/dock for quick and easy charging. Upon reflection, we're not actually sure what benefit this brings when you can just plug the USB cable in so we might have to pop by the Gigabyte booth again to clear that one up. At a guess, if you have two batteries it means that you can swap them and remain in wireless mode but that seems a bit excessive just to be without a wire for a while.

Other features include an ambidextrous design with two back/foward buttons on either side, a left/right tilting scroll wheel, two buttons just behind the scroll wheel, and you can assign various macros to the buttons using the included software. Set to cost $100 – again, no Uk prices as yet – you can expect to find this in shops come September.


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