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Gigabyte K8100 Gaming Keyboard


Gigabyte shows off K8100 gaming keyboard and M8600 mouse

Gigabyte has been showing off its latest gaming keyboard and mouse out here at Computex and both of them look rather impressive. However, it was the keyboard in particular that caught our eye at first because it seems to have taken rather a lot of ispiration from a certain italian supercar manufacturer. Certainly if the resemblance to Lamboughini's cars isn't glaring at first, comparing it to Asus's official Lamborghini branded laptops (like the VX2 and VX3) should confirm things for you.

Rip-off, dedication, conincidence: whatever you call it, the K8100 keyboard does actually look like a nice piece of kit. Ironically, we do rather like the styling and the layout and key action also seems decent – though with regards the latter it's not on the level of premium keyboards like the Steel Series 7G – and there are some neat features as well.

In the top left hand corner is a mode switch for changing between macro configurations while there are a couple USB ports for connecting further USB devices. There's also a touch-sensitive volume control along the top edge. Pricing was only available in US dollars and we got a figure of less than $80 with it becoming available in July.


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