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Gigabyte MIB Reinvents The Desktop PC


Gigabyte MIB Reinvents The Desktop PC

Not content with just reinventing the netbook, Gigabyte was also showing off a brand new concept in the world of PC cases at this year's Computex. I present to you the MIB, or Monitor Integrated Box.

As the name sort of suggests, this consists of a low profile PC case with a monitor stand incorporated into the top. The idea being you can use your own computer hardware and own choice of monitor to create a relatively small and neat all-in-one PC.

The PC case is only compatible with mini-ITX motherboards so you won't be able to build a superfly gaming system in it. The universal VESA mounts for the monitor stand means you should be able to fit pretty much any monitor, though. So long as it's 24inch or below - for weight reasons - that is. Sadly, while there is ample tilt and height adjustment, there's no rotation on offer - either of the monitor itself for portrait/landscape swtitching or of the stand to adjust which way the monitor aims.

The power supply comes in the form of an included power brick so don't have to worry about sourcing your own tiny one to fit inside. There are also mounts for 5.25inch and 3.5inch devices under the flap on the front.

We rather like the idea of the concept overall but we feel there are a couple of elements lacking. Mostly notably, we think the whole thing needs to be flipped round so the case stands on its edge with the drive mounts and ports aiming out to one or other of the sides and the cables coming out the back. Add a couple of stabilisng feet and you've got a much neater solution with a smaller footprint. The styling is a little austere as well but at least it's inoffensive.

Pricing and availability are once again as yet unknown.


June 5, 2009, 12:09 pm

no love for anything remotely powerful these days. it wasn't so long back in the old days you used to pay for what you get. nowadays it's "pay different sorts of money, get the same netbook/nettop/underpowered machine focused on style alone.


June 5, 2009, 8:05 pm

They couldn't do an upright one because that wouldn't have looked slim! More practically, they may have found that the weight of the monitor was making the ITX case unstable and it'd be limited to a small monitor or would need a heavy backplate.

I agree that made a mess of it though, whether the case was horizontal or vertical it should have had a thin protruding bit to the edge of the monitor for the DVD drive, card reader and front mounted ports and then been full size ATX or mATX behind.

jorge flores

December 21, 2012, 4:30 pm

nice concept but i think we will be better off with the normal setup PC+24" monitor unless you are a metrosexual with a love for gadgets.

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