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I-LOCK Therefore I - Err Forget It

The third part of the trilogy is I-LOCK, and it can only be described as Return Of The Jedi – it’s a bit of fun, but it doesn’t really compare to its siblings. If you think that I-LOCK looks like a car alarm fob, that’s good, because that’s exactly what Gigabyte wants you to think.

The idea of I-LOCK is that you can start up and shutdown your PC remotely, although why you would want to do that is a little beyond me. You can also associate applications with hot keys (or should that be buttons) on the device, although this seems even more bizarre that remotely turning your PC on and off.

Of more obvious use is the fact that you can set your PC to automatically lock, suspend or hibernate when you walk away from it. So, if you often have sensitive information on your screen, you can relax, safe in the notion that no one will be able to take a peek at it when you nip off for a coffee.



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