I-RAM Therefore I Am

One of the best things that I saw at Computex this year was I-RAM. Now, it comes as no surprise to see Gigabyte producing new and innovative technologies, since it’s a company that regularly pulls rabbits out of the hat around Computex time. I can still remember when Gigabyte announced its Dual BIOS at Computex six years ago, and how impressed I was with such an innovation back then. I felt the same way when Gigabyte announced I-RAM.

I-RAM is a PCI card with four DIMM sockets on it. The sockets can be populated with up to 4GB of DDR memory, which can then be used as a RAM drive. The I-RAM card connects directly to your SATA controller and is recognised as a hard drive. However, unlike traditional RAM drives, the data is not lost when the PC is shutdown, instead the standby power in the PCI slot keeps the I-RAM active, and if you happen to have a power cut, there’s even a backup battery on the card.

Gigabyte showed off various hard drive benchmarks such as PC Mark and HD Tach, and the I-RAM quite simply blew even the fastest possible hard disks out of the water. I can’t wait to get my hands on an I-RAM card and when I do I’ll dump a few GB of memory in it and install Windows. I like the idea of a PC that boots up in seconds!

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