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Gigabyte Innovates Again At Computex

Just like at Computex last year, Gigabyte shared its press conference with Intel, and took the opportunity to showcase its new motherboards based on the latest Intel chipsets. The GA-81955X Royal is based on the 955X chipset and offers support for the Dual Core Pentium Extreme Edition, while the GA-81945G Pro sports the 945G chipset for the more consumer focussed Pentium D dual core chip.

Unsurprisingly, Intel and Gigabyte spent much of the press conference extolling the virtues of dual core processing and multitasking. That’s not to say that I don’t think that it’s something that should be promoted of course, personally I think that dual core chips really are the next big thing. However, Gigabyte did have a few other, very interesting things to talk about.

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