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Ghostbusters Available On USB


Ghostbusters Available On USB

I've often wondered how long it would be before games, music and films were distributed on flash media, so thanks to PNY and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for answering that questions, with the answer: until now. The important question, of course, is: when you need a USB-based film, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters of course!

Bundled on a 2GB USB drive, with plenty of space spare apparently, the film is played from a simple plug and play interface, compatible with Windows PCs, Macs and Linux. Presumably the file itself is on a hidden partition, restricting access to it except via this tool in order to ensure people do actually buy the USB drive to get at the file.

PNY and Sony claim this as the first full length film release on a USB drive, and it hopefully won't be the last. Although at £29.99 from Argos, seemingly the sole UK retailer, I can't see many being tempted.

The major reason for that is that for a mere £4 numerous retailers will sell you the DVD version of the film. While the legality of doing so is debatable, it is a simple process to then transcode that DVD into a digital format which can also be played on any PC.

An interesting taste of things to come? Maybe. A worthwhile purchase now? Almost certainly not.


Argos - Ghostbusters 2GB Pendrive.

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