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Getac Unveils First Commercial Resistive Multi-touch Displays

Gordon Kelly


Getac Unveils First Commercial Resistive Multi-touch Displays

Here's something to fuel the capacitive verses resistive touchscreen war...

UK manufacturer Getac has announced it has managed to create the first commercially available resistive touchscreens to support multi-touch. Because resistive works with pressure this will make it ideal for rugged devices (including its own Tablet PCs) since the screens will respond to fingers, stylus, nails or even touches through gloves.

"Our customers work in some of the most extreme environments and weather conditions where touch screen technology and flick gestures are faster, safer, and more convenient than using a keypad," says Getac business development director Peter Molyneux (no, not that Peter Molyneux). "As a leading innovator in advanced rugged computer technology, it is only fitting that Getac is the first to offer Multi-Touch technology that can be used with or without gloves."

At this stage the MiTAC subsidiary is only targeting sectors outside of the consumer space such as defence and corporations. Screens with the technology are also extremely high end at this point with 2048 x 2048 resolutions, 100 points per second report rates, and less than 35ms touch response times. Furthermore, this is two point multi-touch at present whereas capacitive technology already supports up to full 10 finger independent recognition.

That said, Getac's multi-touch technology will offer complete compatibility with Microsoft's Windows 7 when it is launched later this month and it seems just a matter of time before it filters down into the consumer laptop, netbook and mobile phone sectors…



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