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Gears Of War 2 Gameplay Footage Available Tomorrow


Gears Of War 2 Gameplay Footage Available Tomorrow

It's no secret that we at TrustedReviews loved Gears of War. Riyad gave it a 9/10 and a Recommended award and I think it was probably the last game he actually found the time to play all the way through (actually the last one was Drake's Fortune, but you're almost right - ed.). You'll understand, then, that the arrival of an email in our inboxes informing us that the world's first gameplay footage of GoW 2 is to be shown off tomorrow has us more than a little interested.

The video features an introduction from Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski, who as you should know is Epic's Game Design Director, and thus well placed to provide such a preamble. Also viewable for the first time will be chainsaw duals (awesome!) large-scale battles with the Locust Horde (awesome-er!) all, of course, rendered in-game using refreshed and refined graphics (awesome-est!).

Given that the last version of Gears is still one of the best looking games available on the Xbox 360 we can expect GoW 2 to raise that bar even further. I, for one, cannot wait to see what Epic has to offer.

The trailer will go live a little after 7am tomorrow and can be grabbed either over Xbox live, or from one of two Microsoft sites, listed below.


Microsoft Prosource.

Xbox.com Press Site.

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