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Garmin GTU 10 Locator Helps Track Pets, People And Property


Garmin GTU 10 Locator Helps Track Pets, People And Property

Garmin has moved into personal and property tracking with its GTU 10 GPS locator. The product, unveiled at CES this week, allows owners to keep tabs on what's important to them, be it pets, children or their family car.

The device works with the company's web-based Garmin Tracker service on the web or its compatible nüLink products, making it possible to track the location of the GTU 10, or receive SMS or email alerts when it leaves user-designated "geofences" - up to ten safe areas assigned by the owner.

The GTU 10 will sell in the UK for £179.99 from February and includes one year subscription to Garmin's Standard Tracking service, which costs £45 a year thereafter. The standard packages provides up to ten points of tracking history per day and the Deluxe Tracking System at £4 per month provides seven days of historical data which can be accessed in a variety of ways.

It is relatively small at 200 X 76 X 33mm, weighs 48g and is waterproof and comes with a carabiner clip and pouch which can be attached to a backpack or dog collar or can be hidden away under a bike seat.

Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales says: “While GTU 10 was being developed, countless uses evolved as different people saw different possibilities. Our role is to provide the technology and make it intuitive and reliable, how you use it is up to you.”

The company says the rechargeable Li-ion battery can last up to four weeks between charges and we're looking forward to testing one in the near future.

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Hamish Campbell

January 5, 2011, 3:44 pm

Is it common yet to have these built in to cars yet? Not many cars getting stolen where I live but I imagine some places/countries have a problem there.

Imagine that private eyes will be snapping these up, would make following people much easier.


January 5, 2011, 5:52 pm

None of this is new technology, a quick Google search reveals a number of existing pet and vehicle tracking solutions, as well as a few real-time systems. These have been available commercially (and in spy shops) for years, but they started filtering into the consumer market recently.

What's new here is that Garmin are doing it, and it's aimed squarely at the consumer.

@haim: Perhaps you're thinking of the 'Tracker' system, which is usually a radio beacon locator rather than an internet connected GPS system. I know a few German car companies have designed a location feature for their internet connected cars, but it's not common just yet. Give it a few years.


January 5, 2011, 6:06 pm

It's common in high end cars and becoming more popular in motorcycles. You can buy them to fit yourself to a vehicle. Personally, I think these are a little too big. That's a fairly large dog and it's not exactly discreet.

The dog would mash it off the collar and maul it and the thief of your handbag would find it and dispose of it or, more likely take your purse out and lob the rest in a bin. As for the child - people don't seem to trust children anymore and a kidnapper or a paedophile - not that it's a massive issue in countries where people could afford this kind of kit - would find it and drop it on a bus or down the drain. If my mum had put one of those on me, I'd take it off, put it in a plaggy bag, bury it, go off and do what I wanted and then dig it up and take it home. The kids that are really out of control will just smash it.

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