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Garmin GTU 10 Locator Helps Track Pets, People And Property

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Garmin has moved into personal and property tracking with its GTU 10 GPS locator. The product, unveiled at CES this week, allows owners to keep tabs on what's important to them, be it pets, children or their family car.

The device works with the company's web-based Garmin Tracker service on the web or its compatible nüLink products, making it possible to track the location of the GTU 10, or receive SMS or email alerts when it leaves user-designated "geofences" - up to ten safe areas assigned by the owner.

The GTU 10 will sell in the UK for £179.99 from February and includes one year subscription to Garmin's Standard Tracking service, which costs £45 a year thereafter. The standard packages provides up to ten points of tracking history per day and the Deluxe Tracking System at £4 per month provides seven days of historical data which can be accessed in a variety of ways.

It is relatively small at 200 X 76 X 33mm, weighs 48g and is waterproof and comes with a carabiner clip and pouch which can be attached to a backpack or dog collar or can be hidden away under a bike seat.

Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales says: “While GTU 10 was being developed, countless uses evolved as different people saw different possibilities. Our role is to provide the technology and make it intuitive and reliable, how you use it is up to you.”

The company says the rechargeable Li-ion battery can last up to four weeks between charges and we're looking forward to testing one in the near future.

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