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Garmin Admits Android Phones Planned As Cupcake Leaks

Gordon Kelly


Garmin Admits Android Phones Planned As Cupcake Leaks

The Garmin nuviphone may be taking so long to launch that much of the excitement around it is beginning to dissipate but that hasn't stopped a rather interesting company comment popping up...

While denying an rumour earlier this week that the GPS centric handset will be Android powered, Garmin has now admitted that it is planning a subsequent phone that will show its love for Google's open source OS.

In a pre-earnings statement Garmin said it does have "an Android-based phone under development" but that was it - no timeframes, no form factor info and no price indications though I think we can take full GPS integration as a given. This also seems a sensible move given Garmin's insistence on using its open software with the nuviphone is widely seen as the reason we have been waiting for its arrival for more than a year.

As for its financials Garmin was reasonably chipper saying "Black Friday sales from our customers were what we expected and gross margins remain relatively strong. However, the December sales environment is weaker, which we attribute to our retail customers' desire to exit the year with lower levels of inventory."

In related news a preliminary video of Android cupcake has leaked onto the web showing perhaps the most fundamental of new features: the long awaited virtual keyboard. It's looking well laid out and quite snappy so fingers crossed it appears sooner rather than later and Touch HD imitators can quickly hop on the bandwagon.


Garmin info via Engadget

Cupcake video

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