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Galaxy Tab Amazon UK Price Raises Eyebrows


Galaxy Tab Amazon UK Price Raises Eyebrows

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is now available for pre-order at Amazon UK – but the price of £679 is higher than many were expecting.

In fact, the RRP that Amazon has for the model is an eye watering £799, enabling it to claim that you are saving £120 by purchasing from Amazon – not that it can be had from anywhere else at the moment.

Even more concerning is that the model listed is the 16GB version, so the price for the 32GB model doesn’t bear thinking about.

The high price is surprising as many were expecting Samsung to undercut Apple, but the equivalent iPad, the 16GB model with 3G, costs £529.

A Samsung spokesperson told TrustedReviews that it is not clear where Amazon has got its pricing from, as Samsung has not yet confirmed pricing. The spokesperson told us that, “Samsung are in discussions with mobile operators to offer the Galaxy Tab at a reasonable price with a data plan.” If this is the price we expect most people interested in one going this route anyway.

Amazon has yet to respond to our query.

The delivery day is also down as being between "1 to 3 months", which to us implies that Samsung is hedging its bets on this one.

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