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GTA IV Release Date Revealed


GTA IV Release Date Revealed

I feel almost ashamed to admit it but I had actually forgotten all about Grand Theft Auto IV until this week, when I noticed the press release informing the world that it finally has an official release date. A game many hoped to see the other side of Christmas 2007, we now know that it'll be released simultaneously worldwide on the 29th of April this year.

The delay is being attributed to "technical issues" with the PlayStation 3 game, but those problems have apparently been overcome and development of both versions is now at the same level. It is also being stressed that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions should be indistinguishable from each other in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Downloadable content will also be made available for both consoles, although Rockstar did stress that owners of Xbox 360s without hard drives would not be forced into purchasing one to play the standard game.

In related news, the ban on selling Rockstar title Manhunt 2, originally imposed by the BBFC and then overturned by the Video Appeals Committee, has now been reinstated by the High Court. As it now stands, then, the game will not be making it to UK stores unless the High Court judgement is overturned or revoked - and personally I can't see the crown ruling in favour of Manhunt on this one.

Not that it matters though, Manhunt 2 is no competition to GTA so as of April we should all be far too entwined in the latest Rockstar development to care about anything prior. Fingers crossed there aren't any delays or bans on this one.


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