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Fujifilm XP30 Now In Shops For £199

David Gilbert


Fujifilm XP30 Now In Shops For £199

Launched back at CES last January the Fujifilm XP30 is the latest in a ever burgeoning range of ‘tough’ cameras boasting dust, water, freeze and shock protection – and in case you were wondering, behind all the toughness the XP30 will still take some pictures.

Earlier this month we saw what Olympus claimed was the first crushproof camera in the form of the Tough TG-810 and Fujifilm is now finally bringing its tough‘un to the UK. The XP30 claims to be sand and dust proof, freeze proof to minus 10 degrees, water proof to 5 metres and shock proof so as to be able to withstand a drop of 1.5 metres. Built-in GPS will of course be able to log your location as you snap away. Locations can be displayed either as longitude and latitude coordinates, or by place name and the XP30 also has an embedded list featuring around half a million places of interest across the globe.

Of course as we said the XP30 also takes pictures and features a 14 megapixel sensor, 5 x optical zoom, and “a healthy range of picture taking functions.” It will also allow you to capture HD 720p video at 30fps while you kayak down the side of a mountain as a lion attacks you – or if your son’s birthday party, whichever applies to you. It will be available in five “fun” colours of black, silver, orange, blue and green and can be yours for £199 from today.

Source: Fujifilm

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