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Fujifilm FinePix Z900 EXR Offers Style and Substance

David Gilbert


Fujifilm FinePix Z900 EXR Offers Style and Substance

Compact digital cameras have for a while now been seen as fashion accessories as much as devices for taking pictures and it seems as if Fujifilm believes the FinePix Z900EXR is more the former than the latter.

According to the press release from Fujifilm, the follow-up to the excellent Z700 EXR, is sure to “set tongues wagging,” this “undeniably glamorous addition to Fujifilm’s spring 2011 collection” and it is “set to become the must-have camera for Fashionistas this season.” Despite the fluff, when you look closer, the camera itself does offer some serious substance to go with its style. Heading up the list of features is an all-new 16 megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor which allows for shooting in bright sunlight and dull indoor conditions thanks to a combination of Back Side Illuminated (BSI) sensor and triple-layer EXR array. It also has up to ISO 6400 available.

The large 3.5in touchscreen, which takes up most of the back of the camera, includes 460,000 pixels and multi-touch functionality including pinch-to-zoom. The improved viewing options are added to with a mini-HDMI out port allowing you to view your images on a larger screen. Speed is also a feature of the Z900EXR allowing you to snap 3 frames per second at 16 megapixel resolution and up to 12 frames at lower resolutions.

The Z900EXR will capture video in full HD with Pixel Fusion Movie technology helping you out in low light conditions. The camera will also save video in the H.264 format to save space and make it easier to upload to YouTube. Despite the slimness of the camera (just 18.2mm wide) it manages to pack in a 5x wide-angle zoom lens covering 28-140mm (35mm equivalent). Getting back to the style side of things, the Z900EXR comes in four colours: Brilliant Black, Gloss Red, Hot Pink and Royal Blue (or black, red, pink and blue to you and me).

The FinePix Z900EXR will be available next month for £219.

Source: Fujifilm

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