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Freesat to Get BBC iPlayer This Year

Andy Vandervell


Freesat Will Get BBC iPlayer This Year

Having announced its first Freesat tuners with Blu-ray recording and playback yesterday, Panasonic has now let slip an interesting piece of information regarding iPlayer and when it will be appearing on Freesat.

Speaking to Electric Pig, a Panasonic representative stated that though the iPlayer would be absent at the launch of these products, this was only due to a lack of resources at the public service broadcaster:

"The iPlayer will appear on Freesat this year...the team the BBC has working on that is probably the same one that will work on Viera Cast, so that will come later."

Clearly this is further good news for fans of the iPlayer and Freesat, bringing us all closer to the ideal end-game: genuine IPTV delivered over the Internet, directly to our TVs. In the meantime, though, this will do nicely, thanks.


Electric Pig

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