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Freesat One Year Old


Freesat One Year Old

It's time for some cake because it's been a year since the launch of Freesat. And oh what a fun year it has been.

Since its launch Freesat seen its logical transition from set-top-boxes into Panasonic and LG televisions and Blu-ray recorders. Not to mention the addition of Freesat+, enabling Sky+ style PVR functionality of compatible devices.

Freesat says that its 400,00 or so users have watched over 3,000 hours of HD programmes since the launch - no doubt a large proportion of those accounted for by the Olympics, which aired in high definition on BBC HD. There is still has some way to go to rival the one million homes with Sky+HD, though. A task which will doubtless be helped by the nine in 10 users who would recommend the service to a friend - all 140 channels of it.

And, let us not forget, there's more to come, including the promise of access to the BBC iPlayer on Freesat some time this year. All in all, good news for quality, free satellite TV.




May 7, 2009, 12:57 am

I just wish there was more choice when buying a Freesat PVR. At the moment there's just the Humax Foxsat, with the hugely expensive Panasonic PVRs/Blu-ray recorders to come. The price of the Humax, currently £260 in Dixons, has put me off changing to Freesat.


May 7, 2009, 2:14 am

I have to say that I am unclear what the aims and objectives of Freesat are. If you look at the home site it is a trifle woolly. - Beyond providing copies of (already) free terrestrial programming and limited HD output.

For me I need a reason to 'upgrade' to Freesat - and that would be defined as competition for Sky HD. I do trust that we will get there - one day; I can't think Murdock will have a near monopoly here forever...


May 7, 2009, 5:30 am

Congratulations to Freesat you were a long time coming but its time to grow up quickly.

Im disapointed to see there is still no PC sat card from any of the major manufacturers, the PC computer crowd would have been exactly the kind of early adopters that could have helped the brand, instead they are doing their own thing via various TV forums.

The number of FREESAT enabled TVs is also disappointing catering to the high end and leaving budget users without an option the exact market Sky has already captured.

Then where are the low cost HD set top boxes? Have you tried shopping at Tesco lately you cant move for Sky HD promotions on every isle. Then look at the amount of content and promotion - its hard to find. And when I do see an HD Ready set showing a SD Sky Plus box I try to educate the users that their nice big TV would so appreciate FREESAT and its like im talking a foreign language.

So heres to a great 2nd year Freesat but more of the same wont be good enough.


May 7, 2009, 9:41 am

Agree about the lack of quality freesat tuners available today on the market and speaking of which topfields efforts deserve a review here.

The biggest problem facing freesat though is rupert murdoch. While he may hold the most odious of political views his business sense is of the highest order as can be seen with the near 20 years of continued success of sky. This man will do all he can to strangle this the latest threat to his business as hes done to all the others.


May 9, 2009, 12:15 am

Channel 4 HD would be a nice birthday present!

I have the Humax PVR and there are a few glaring omissions: A TV picture while you're in the guide. It smooths images too much. I know these annoy loads of people and could easily be fixed OTA. They should give us an upgrade for a birthday gift too.

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