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Free Nuance Speech apps coming to UK iPhones


Free Nuance Speech Apps Coming to UK iPhones

Speech recognition specialist Nuance is bringing its voice-to-text iPhone apps to the UK. Dragon Search will let users search on their iPhone by speaking instead of typing, while Dragon Dictation will let users record messages that can be send by text or email.

While there are apps that will offer this type of functionality already, Nuance will be offering its apps for free. However, the company is planning a major push to persuade people to upgrade to its premium versions.

Google already has free app that will enable voice searching on the iPhone, but Dragon’s app will search Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube Wikipedia, Twitter and the iTunes store in one go.

However analysts think work needs to be done to create more interest in this type of application. "People have not the best experience in the past so you don't see consumers going out there clamouring for this voice to text capability," Tuong Nguyen, a mobile devices analyst at Gartner told Reuters.

Nuance does have a track record in this area however, as it provides the underlying technology used in the iPhone built in Voice Control.

The apps are currently awaiting approval by Apple, but a Nuance spokesperson told TrustedReviews that the apps are expected to appear later this week.

Does the thought of talking to your iPhone interest you, or do you not have that kind of relationship with your handset? Let us know in the comments section.

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