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Foxconn, United Keys Manufacturing OLED Keyboard


Foxconn, United Keys Manufacturing OLED Keyboard

OLED screens are just about my favourite type right now, so it pleases me to hear that Foxconn, manufacturer of just about everything ever, and United Keys, who no-one appears to have ever heard of before but apparently make LCD-screen keys, are joining forces to product an Optimus Maximus-esque OLED key fitted keyboard.

The important thing about Foxconn getting involved is that because of the company's size it should be able to manufacture OLED keys for dirt cheap in comparison to Art Lebedev's teeny studio meaning that we, the potential consumers, may well see a rival to the Maximus that doesn't require the selling of vital organs to afford.

According to Gizmodo, the source of this info, this wouldn't be a manufacturer specific product, which is unsurprising as Foxconn isn't known as a consumer brand despite, as I say, making just about any product you might care to name. Instead we'll likely see products springing up from all the usual suspects, such as Microsoft, Logitech, Razer and the like.

Coupled with the likely low price of the OLED keys themselves, this should mean that retail products should end up costing considerably less than the $1,500 Optimus Maximus - although I doubt any will offer better names. Foxconn is apparently expecting to have products ready as soon as this summer, so January as it still is, I think I know what will be going on my Christmas list this year already.


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