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Fourth Generation iPod touch With Camera Leaked On Video

Gordon Kelly


Vietnam is definitely off Apple's Christmas card list...

The socialist republic's premier tech blog Tinhte has already been responsible for an iPhone 4G teardown and now it has ripped the veil away from the next generation iPod touch.

Confirmed with both detailed photos and an extensive video (which includes connecting it to iTunes), the big - and hugely predictable news - is Apple's fourth shot at its flagship MP3 player will indeed feature an integrated camera. The omission of which on the third generation iPod Touch was arguably a greater news story than the device itself.

The bad news is shots clearly show a very small lens and no flash, so I'm thinking the barely passable video recorder on the fifth generation iPod nano or the 2MP/3.2MP camera seen on the iPhone 3G/3GS is in order. Rather than anything to compete with what is believed to be a 5MP camera with flash seen on the leaked iPhone 4G.

An interesting caveat is that the prototype's ID ties it to the third generation iPod touch and given it was rumoured to feature a camera until a last minute technical hitch we may be looking at an abandoned 3G. That said I think a camera - of whatever quality - can now be nailed onto the specifications list of the fourth gen iPod touch.

Good and about time...

Link: Tinhte

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