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Foursquare Adds Photos And Comments

David Gilbert


Foursquare Adds Photos And Comments

We have never really got into the whole Foursquare phenomenon but for those of you who just have to tell your friends and family (and a lot of strangers) where you are all the time, the people behind the social networking site have announced a little Christmas present for its users.

Now, as well as just showing on a map where you are, you can add pictures and comments to your Foursquare profile to add to the experience. However there’s no need to worry about random strangers seeing the photos you post when you check-in. “Photos on check-ins are only visible to your friends (and the networks you share to, like Facebook and Twitter). Tip and venue photos are open to the community. And, as you’d expect, comments are only visible to your friends,” the Foursquare Blog said.

While Foursquare is obviously not for everyone, we can see where this added functionality could work really well. For example at a music festival where comments and photos from around the venue could give a genuinely real time picture of what the festival is like. Or on New Year’s Eve a series of pictures from around the world as different parts of the globe celebrate the New Year would make an interesting experiment.

Foursquare passed the five million user mark this month and registers two million check-ins and 25,000 new users everyday at the moment which makes it a genuinely important player in the social networking market. The iPhone app is available now with the Android version coming later this week and WebOS and BlackBerry versions arriving in January, and the rest of the major platforms in early 2011.

Source: Foursquare Blog

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