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Flip Video Updates FlipShare And Releases Mobile Apps

David Gilbert


Flip Video Updates FlipShare And Releases Mobile Apps

As a technology manufacturer, if your products don’t have a social media feature then you’re just not with it, it seems. This is why most new television allow you to post tweets and why the latest version of FlipShare software for Flip camcorders includes social features.

Flip Videos, such as the UltraHD we saw last month, can be seen everywhere these days from riots in central London to the handlebars of a mountain bikes careering down a mountain side. Cisco, maker of the portable camcorders, has announced this morning that it is updating the FlipShare software, used to upload content from the cameras. The stand out new feature is something called FlipShare Groups, which lets users securely share videos with family ad friends. After creating a FlipShare Group, users and their friends can access their videos from FlipShare.com and through the FlipShare Mobile apps that are now available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Within FlipShare Groups users can comment, read and post messages on each other’s videos and Groups.

“We have always looked to provide the best user-experience to easily shoot, connect and share high quality video and the upgraded FlipShare software now makes it even easier for Flip owners,” said Peter Groom, UK & Ireland Region Manager for Flip Video at Cisco. The mobile apps, available for iOS and Android devices as a free download, promise to make it even simpler to share any mobile video or photo to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or directly to friends and family, with or without owning a Flip. They have been optomised “to bring the signature FlipShare simplicity to other popular mobile devices.”

New Flip Video owners will get the updated software bundled with the cameras. Existing owners will be notified automatically of the available upgrade at some time this month or, if you can’t wait, you can download it now from here. The mobile apps are available from Apple's App Store and the Android Market immediately and compatible with devices running iOS 4.0 or Android 1.6 and higher.

Source: Flip Video

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