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Flip Announces New Mino HD For UK

Gordon Kelly


Flip Announces New Mino HD For UK

We've waited a long time to catch up with our US colleagues, but Flip has finally announced the latest version of the Mino HD will be available from 8 April in the UK. So what do you get?

Much like Apple naming conventions the 'Mino HD' name remains unchanged from its predecessor, though that is pretty much the only part that is. A redesigned exterior sees the introduction of a larger 2in anti-reflective screen and memory is increased to 8GB which should be enough for at least two hours recording at the camcorder's native 720p.

Elsewhere the Mino HD has an HDMI port so you can output your video directly to a High Def TV and charging and content transfer to a PC is simple via the integrated swing out (flip out?) USB connector. Flip software also has simple wizard modes to upload directly to YouTube.

The big question, however, is price and with digital cameras and - increasingly - mobile phones now sporting 720p recording themselves it is debateable whether the £179.99 RRP for the Mino HD and its relatively bulky dimensions mean it is a must have gadget like previous generations.

Has the mini camcorder's time passed? Come 8 April sales will soon tell us...


Flip Mino HD Product Page

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