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Flip Announces Action Tripod For Outdoor Enthusiasts

David Gilbert


Flip Announces Action Tripod For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Flip has announced a new tripod for its pocket camcorder series aimed at those looking to capture the adrenaline rush of outdoor activities.

The Flip Video Action Tripod has been announced today and will go on sale for £19.99 via Amazon and it is compatible with all Flip Video cameras. Last week we looked at the latest of these pocket camcorders, the Flip UltraHD model and along with the previous iterations in the range, the Action Tripod will boost functionality of the budget recorders. The Action Tripod has been made to attach to a range of surfaces from the handlebars of your mountain bike or your helmet as you abseil down a cliff face. Flip Video says the Action Tripod could also be used in pursuits such as skating, snowboarding, skiing or climbing.

The Tripod attaches to any of the Flip Videos (or indeed other light-weight tripod-based cameras and devices) and can then be secured to any surface via adjustable Velcro straps. There will obviously be a lot of people who will see this tripod as very tempting - considering that having both your hands free while mountain biking is something of a bonus. The Tripod can of course also be used in more stationary situations and an adjustable neck allows for videoing from various angles.

Source: FlipVideo

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