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Five Second iPhone Unlock On The Way

Gordon Kelly


Five Second iPhone Unlock On The Way

While the iPhone Dev Team's Pwnage tool has been taking all the recent credit for iPhone formware 2.0 related unlocks it is easy to forget that King of the 1.1.x firmware was free app ZiPhone (v3.0 below) and its creator Zibri looks primed to show everyone once again who is boss...

Following more than a month of virtual silence the hacker - who has refused to get drawn into a race with the iPhone Dev Team - has posted news that a comprehensive unlocking tool of unprecedented speed is on the way.

In a post entitled 'Developing...' Zibri declared "Next generation of ZiPhone is in the works. It will be as simple as Apple would have done it. A simple one click program. A 5 seconds run. Stay tuned." This was then followed up by a cheeky post called "The egg of Columbus" (a reference to how obvious answers are once a person is shown - no doubt a dig at his detractors) in which he proclaimed "sometimes the best solution is the simpler. Stay tuned."

Previously Zibri also demonstrated how he had decrypted the firmware 2.1 ramdisks.

Of course should anyone but a hacker with a proven history make such claims we'd be struggling to catch our breath for laughter but given most of us at TR have run ZiPhone in the past without the slightest hitch we must admit we're extremely curious about what looks set to emerge. Furthermore, should the next version of ZiPhone prove as simple and fast as suggested Apple may once again have a real fight on its hands with the unlocking crowd - subsidies or not.

Of course we love seeing the cat set loose amongst the pigeons (especially with open source platform Android around the corner) so let's hope this one works out...


Egg of Columbus Post

ZiPhone Walkthrough Video


August 19, 2008, 4:14 am

This is great news I've always been a fan of zibri and have never had any problem with any of his work; but what I need now is how I am able to get a new iphone 3g at a reasonable price without the contract from O2 attached, assuming that this is able to unlock the phone to any network, as this has to yet be confirmed.


August 19, 2008, 5:08 am

That's the next challenge ;)

eBay perhaps... or see how those PAYG prices turn out, especially in other countries.


August 19, 2008, 11:41 am

Call me crazy, but I got my iPhone 3G through eBay for US$790. Others paid much more. I was, for some reason, very confident that an unlock was around the corner. Anyway, it seems my wait is over. You might want to check how much it costs to sign a contract then cancel it (cancellation fees and other stuff). In the US, a "contract-free" iPhone 3G costs $299 + around $400 for cancellation = around $700.


August 19, 2008, 7:04 pm

From what I have read the Zibri's method is quite dangerous if it fails (never had it happen) and also the bootloader changes are non-reversible which may cause problems if you ever need to have apple fulfill a warrenty claim. After reading all the dangers I am sticking with Pwnage, plus changing my loading pics and custom firmware, for lack of a better = ftw!

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