Of the new compact cameras that Canon has announced, the most eye-catching is the gorgeous new IXUS 80 IS. It is an 8.0-megapixel ultra-compact featuring a 3x zoom lens with optical image stabilisation, a 2.5-inch 230k monitor and an all-aluminium body. It comes in a range of colours including Classic Silver, Caramel (light brown), Chocolate (dark brown) and Candy Pink.

It has a couple of clever new features, including improved face detection and an innovative motion detection system. This detects movement via the face detection system, the optical image stabiliser, scene brightness and subject movement, and uses the result to determine the best ISO setting to produce a sharp picture with the minimum of noise.

In playback mode it incorporates a new trimming function that integrates with the face detection system to automatically crop portrait shots centring on the subject's face. The IXUS 80 IS will be available from March priced at £219.

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