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First iPhone 2.0 Unlock Unleashed

Gordon Kelly


First iPhone 2.0 Unlock Unleashed

Pwnage is here for firmware 2.0 equipped iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod touches so what are you getting yourselves into...?

First off the bat let's say what you aren't getting: an unlock for the iPhone 3G. That's right, this is a jailbreak tool only for Apple's latest handset for the time being so you're limited to unofficial third party apps for now (though many are better than what App Store has come up with so far). It's also Mac only at this point. As for the iPhone and iPod touch you get the lot, including unlocking in the case of the former. .

For the short of memory/Google divers amongst you, Pwnage aims to revolutionise iPhone modifications since it hacks the firmware before installation meaning the user doesn't need to lift a finger. A vast improvement compared to the current method of updating then rehacking the relocked handsets.

When will we get a Windows version and an unlock for the iPhone 3G? Creators the iPhone Dev Team are suggesting it won't be long, while that other unlocking/jailbreaking maestro Zibri is also working on a new version of ZiPhone even though he refuses to be drawn into a race.

As for initial Pwnage reports, they're pretty good despite the Dev Team posting six updates to the apps main page. As always, try at your own risk - but let us know how you get on...

Update: Windows version now available, although the process isn't yet as streamlined as it is on the Mac.


Pwnage Home Page


July 21, 2008, 2:21 pm

Tried this yesterday with my 1.1.4 1st Gen iPhone which was previously unlocked with ZiPhone.

Worked great! Took about 15 mins all in and now have it running 2.0 with an O2 Simplicity Sim and some of the free apps from the AppStore. Great stuff!


July 21, 2008, 6:50 pm

Ran this after it first came out - despite a few confusing moments in the App it really does work smoothly and it unlocked my old 2G iphone with 2.0 software, havent tried jailbreaking my 3G but then again not really seeing the point till theres some killer 3rd party software or till they unlock it!


July 22, 2008, 2:51 am

My American original iPhone is running just fine on 2.0 now :) Although having to re-sync my music is a bitch, seeing as I have it set to manually manage it (I have an inexplicable hatred of playlists).

Thanks iPhone dev team!

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