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First MeeGo Powered Tablet Arrives Next Week


First MeeGo Powered Tablet Arrives Next Week

MeeGo, the mobile device operating system spawned from the joining of Intel's Moblin OS and Nokia's Maemo OS, has been slow to take off but today it took a further step into the limelight. A German company, WeTab confirmed it has an Atom powered tablet running MeeGo that will be launching next week.

As with all these atom powered tablets, it's rather large, so is more of a laptop than a smartphone alternative. However, what that does afford you is an 11.6in screen with a whopping 1,366 x 768 resolution, 1GB RAM, either 16GB or 32GB of inbuilt memory and an SDHC slot, 2 x USB ports, a forward facing web cam, and up to 6hrs battery life.

As for the software, the homescreen seems to consist of a single long vertical freeform desktop that you can scroll up and down and fill with widgets and shortcuts. in a nod towards the fact it is a large device, it has two scroll zones on the touchscreen that sit under each thumb for quickly moving through this menu, or you can just move the page by 'grabbing' the page and moving it up and down. Intel was also keen to point out it support Flash in the web browser.

We haven't yet had any hands-on time with the device so can't vouch for how it performs or how easy it is to use but we will hopefully track it down later today and give you an update.



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