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First Images of Microsoft 'Pink' Phones Leak

Gordon Kelly


First Images of Microsoft 'Pink' Phones Leak

So this is what Microsoft has been beavering away with...

Despite innumerable denials from Steve Balmer, the so-called 'Pink Phone' project has refused to go away. And with good reason: it exists, and in not just one form, but two. The 'Turtle' and the 'Pure' are the codenames for these secret devices and now Gizmodo has managed to get the first images.

What we can learn here is limited other than the styling of the Turtle (top) is clearly aimed at a more youthful audience while the Pure looks like the latest smartphone spin from HTC. Interestingly however Gizmodo reports Microsoft is not working with its closest partner, but Sharp and each model will feature both Sharp and Microsoft branding.

Also of note is talk that Microsoft is working heavily with Danger on the OS, a company it bought two years ago and which was responsible for the popularity (at least Stateside) of the SideKick series. Does this mean there will be a separate Microsoft OS to Windows Mobile 7 or simply variants upon it? Zune services and an app store (Windows Marketplace?} will be part of the deal too, so clearly Microsoft is keen to mix business and entertainment for once.

Of course there is still the chance Microsoft could come out and deny all this as it has many times before, but it seems to me too much evidence has now mounted. Besides, a world where Apple, Palm, RIM, Nokia and Microsoft all make highly credible smartphones which challenge and drive innovation in one another would actually be a nice place to live...


via Gizmodo

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