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First Dual Sim Mobile Phone Announced

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First Dual Sim Mobile Phone Announced

This is one mobile phone which is unlikely to get much of a look-in at this year’s 3GSM event in Barcelona but it brings forward an idea that will appeal to many.

Chinese company Doubao has announced the ‘728’ a completely unremarkable handset if it wasn’t for the fact that it supports dual sim cards with full functionality. Consequently a user can receive calls and messages simultaneously from two networks while also juggling usage of their tariffs to get best value.

Encouragingly, apart from this fantastic brain wave (smarty pants TR readers have asked me about this concept many times), the 728 also sports a large 2.2in touch screen with support for handwriting recognition (though only Chinese at this point) and a microSD slot though the camera is limited to a paltry VGA resolution. The 768 will go on sale immediately in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the equivalent of just £86.

Unfortunately, the chance of this handset spreading anywhere else in the world is rather remote but it does make me wonder whether manufacturers with a more global agenda will take hint from Doubao’s invention. After all a great many of us have more than one mobile contract these days and while it’s nice to have two cutting edge handsets there are certain times when it would be nice to free up the pocket space...

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June 20, 2009, 8:26 am

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