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First 3 'INQ' Phone Leaks: Web 2.0 Beckons

Gordon Kelly


First 3 'INQ' Phone Leaks: Web 2.0 Beckons

When self branded 3 INQ mobile phones were announced late last month it raised a flurry of net chitter chatter because, quite simply, the Skypephone and particularly the Skypephone S2 were really well thought out. So the team behind it got the gig full time and - by the looks of things - is off to a very promising start...

Leaked today to those crazy bloggers Engadget and The Electric Pig was the 'INQ1' - the rather logical name, I'm sure you'll agree. At first glance the INQ1 is nothing particularly remarkable, a 3,2MP camera is ok though its slider design akin to something Nokia would have churned out 18 months ago.

Still hold your horses because the lure of the Skypephone series is the thought behind them and once again the same is true here.

Taking cues from Apple, the INQ1 is all about the software with full Facebook integration, Skype functionally, a native Windows Live Messenger, an eBay tracker, OTA software downloads and even a proper WebKit browser - vital given 3 sells every handset with HSDPA because of its 3G network (the hint is in the name!). As for a final coup de grace is said to be plug and play tethering with any PC.

Launch time? 13 November is mooted as the official release date with a near immediate release afterwards and a near £100 price tag without contract. Yep, 3 really could be onto something here...


via Electric Pig

via Engadget


November 6, 2008, 7:11 pm

Sounds promising and at a good price, but last time I looked at the way 3s pay as you go vouchers worked they were VERY confusing and had loads of restrictions. I may have to go and have another look.


November 13, 2008, 4:30 am

3's pay as you go is really quite simple, you can top-up (min &#16310) this activates your skype account for 90 days usage. there are then 2 options:

OP1. use your credit @ a simple rate of 12p (per min/txt x-net,anytime)this has

NO EXPIREY!! (for this you would get 83 mins/txts in total)


OP2. "stretch it" - when u do this it gives u a higher number of mins/txts than above

PLUS 100 extra mins to call any1 else on 3.These stretch options have a limit of 30 days.the higher the strech plan the better value 4money u get!!

and to top it all these all include your skype 2 skype calls 4 90 days and access to WLM/MSN, ebay, and google/yahoo search...............

to get full access you can purchase an add internet add on for a daily pass or &#1635 for unlimited throughout the 30 days.

really looking forward to this phone, i'm sure it'll be very sucesfull, and its being released at peak timing for christmas trade. the technology and the market is ready for this now but with 30 mins to go till launch i can bearly wait myself.....:-)

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