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Firmware 2.0 Launched For iPod touch

Gordon Kelly


Firmware 2.0 Launched For iPod touch

As all the hype, expectation and chaos surrounding the iPhone 3G slowly begins to settle today it's comparatively neglected offshoot, the iPod touch, at last has its time in the limelight...

Available now is firmware 2.0 for the iPod touch and it brings with it all the great additions seen for the iPhone and iPhone 3G including - most importantly - access to App Store, the potentially revolutionary 3rd party add-on shop where users can download and install 100s of different games and applications (many of which are free).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of App Store's first applications have had a lukewarm response (they are generation 1.0 after all) but Apple's 'Remote' - the remote control app that lets you access and control multiple iTunes collections over WiFi is the clear winner so far. Also worth mentioning is Exchange, Cisco and MobileMe support, push mail, multiple calendars, iWork and PowerPoint attachment previews, the new accelerometer based scientific calendar and updated language and keyboard support.

Naturally iPod touch owners being the second class citizens Apple treats them and the UK its second class customers you will be hit with a £5.99 update charge, while the US gets it for $9.95 (£5). Still, all the extra features are worth the cost and we wouldn't be surprised if this is the last great firmware update for the product before it gets its first proper makeover in the next few months.

Firmware 2.0 is available from the link below. Get it while it's hot people and feel free to smirk at the fact you won't have all those activation problems...


iPod touch 2.0 Firmware Update


July 13, 2008, 5:57 am

the question is, if one were to buy the iPod Touch brand new now, would it come with 2.0 pre-installed or would one have the pay the extra after one gets it home?

Barry Ward

July 13, 2008, 1:21 pm

The 2.0 software update also includes the January update (Google Maps, Mail etc) too, so for those who haven't updated yet, this ones got the lot. Some of the apps are ecxellent, although the UK is strangely missing the eBay app.


July 13, 2008, 2:56 pm

When you keep complaining about rip off prices charged here, do the mathematics first.

$10 is the US price without sales tax. &#1635.99 is the price with UK sales tax - VAT.

Convert $10 to sterling using the current exchange rate - say &#1631 = $1.96 - add 17.5% VAT and - hey presto! - it is exactly &#1635.99.

Always remember that US prices go up when they add the tax whereas ours have tax already included. Yes we pay more sales tax - but don't blame the manufacturers for that. And we'd just pay more tax in another way if it weren't on VAT....


July 13, 2008, 2:56 pm

it must be said it includes the january update which was about &#16312,glad i held out.

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