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Firefox Mobile Photos Out, Scores 88/100 In Acid3

Gordon Kelly


Firefox Mobile Photos Out, Scores 88/100 In Acid3

We've seen Firefox Mobile development shots before but here are snaps of the version which is soon to hit public beta testing...

Codenamed 'Fennec', Firefox Mobile (we believe the 'Mobile' will now be a suffix, not prefix for what it's worth) Alpha edition has been snagged in action by theunwired.net and it seems to have had quite the makeover since our earlier look.

Seen running on a Windows Mobile based handset, the mozilla.org grab (top, left) shows the browser can still appear full screen (WM taskbar excluded) with the URL bar and controls only appearing onscreen when necessary. Quick bookmarks and bookmarking, tabs ('Fennec' grab) and back/forward buttons ('Brad's Blog' grab) are easily called upon and - intriguingly - the browser scores an impressive 88/100 in Acid3 tests which means the vast majority of sites should appear perfectly (even if Flash support has yet to be confirmed).

Adopting our most optimistic stance, Mozilla hasn't broken silence about any potential delays to the first Firefox Mobile public beta since it was declared early last week to be launching "In a few weeks" so let's whisper it cautiously: One week down, one week to go...


via Unwired.net


October 14, 2008, 12:26 pm

83/100 on Acid3? Even my Firefox3 on XP could only manage 71/100 (albeit i'm not using default settings as the test requires)..



March 15, 2009, 5:53 pm

Already wins IE8. Desktop IE8.

For a mobile version of a browser to win a full fledged desktop browser...

The future of IE is bleak.

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