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Firefox 4 Beta 7 Offers Faster Grapics

David Gilbert


Firefox 4 Beta 7 Offers Faster Graphics

The latest beta release of Mozilla’s web browser Firefox 4 has gone online and the most intriguing aspect is something called JägerMonkey, which is described rather mysteriously as “an invisible but powerful addition to Firefox 4 Beta.”

JägerMonkey is a just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compiler which is incorporated into the SpiderMonkey (they just loves their primates over at Mozilla) JavaScript engine and Mozilla promises this will lead to faster start-up time, improved page-load speed and as well as improved performance of Web apps and games.

The release also promises more support for hardware-accelerated graphics, as well as hardware acceleration for Windows XP and Mac OS X. And since everthing these days is about 3D, Beta 7 enables 3D-capabilities, without the need for plug-ins, with WebGL.

According to Mozilla, all this will mean: “Pages load faster, interactions with websites are snappier and the Web is just a lot more fun. For developers, this means you can build richer high-performance Web applications and explore the world of 3D graphics, inherent to the Web.”

From a developers' point-of-view, Mozilla says that the Add-ons APIs for Firefox 4 are now stable so they can start updating their add-ons from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4.

If you’re already testing Firefox 4 Beta, you will be automatically updated to the latest version or if not you can download it and start testing it here. There will be additional betas in the coming weeks according to Mozilla, before the final release of Firefox 4.

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