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Faceparty Identifies 'Sexual Predators', Bans Over 36s

Gordon Kelly


Faceparty Identifies 'Sexual Predators', Bans Over 36s

Controversial and tragically try-too-hard social networking site Faceparty (yes, other the Faceā€¦ named site you never heard of) has announced radical totalitarian measures it feels are necessary to make its service safer for younger members.

In one of the most extreme culls ever seen, Faceparty has announced it will be terminating carte blanche all accounts held by users over 36 years old for fear they may be sex offenders! In a public notice the site explained:

"New government legislation means we need to check older users on the sex offenders list. This legislation is based upon checking email addresses against a government provided list. Faceparty has never insisted on validated email addresses and can therefore not participate in this new scheme.

Having discussed the use of our website with the home office and the police, and further some pretty serious crimes caused by older users, we were left with no option but to terminate a huge amount of accounts, and without notice, immediately. We understand that only a minority of older users are sex offenders, but you must understand that we cannot tell which - we can only delete all to make the site safe and we apologise for that."

Tackling allegations of ageism Faceparty also notes: "Laws for age discrimination apply ONLY to employment and education. There is no legal right for an older user to claim a right to this service."

Lastly, in an attempt seemingly determined to alienate and offend everyone old enough to remember the BetaMax cassette Faceparty lectures: "It is not the legal right of a 70 year old to claim right to a young person's service. Furthermore, it is not your right as a 50 year old to steal the bandwidth of our youth portal because you don't want to pay for match.com."

Funnily enough, back in 2004 Faceparty was accused of featuring pornographic images of underage girls. *Rubs chin* Anyone think that may have done more to endanger its users...?!


Faceparty Notice

Guitar guy

August 21, 2008, 6:16 pm

This is pure ageism. The popular idea of a paedophile is of older males abusing very young children. As someone who works with sexual offenders, I can state that this is not the case. The vast majority of older men who have been caught have been caught for historical offences, mostly commited in their 20's. Shockingly enough, there is more sexual offending among 20 - 35 year olds than there is among 40-50 year olds. I have no interest in Faceparty - it is a young person's site, or it is now. However, like Bebo and Facebook ALL community based sites are vulnerable when people lie about their age. Faceparty are just knee-jerking because they were found to have images of underage teenagers on their site, and that's THEIR fault for not policing the site properly, not the fault of those over 36 years old. All they have to do is charge a credit card a paultry fee of, say &#1631.00 to allow people to join up. You must be 18 to get a credit card. Not perfect, but it would have been a start.


August 21, 2008, 6:32 pm

Couldn't agree more, guys.


September 1, 2008, 11:51 am

After being single for 7 years, a friend decided tha Faceparty was just the place to find my soul mate. She signed me up without my knowledge - no checking there then. When she told me, I thought, oh well, I will give it a go. From a head shot, neck up, I was inundated with sick vile comments and offers from anyone who was logged in. You just need to look at the 'Grim Rita' section to see what/who they are aiming at, certainly not the cleaned up image they are trying to project. (You don't need to be logged in to read it either - so any age from kids to adults could read the sewer filth that the column contains. The invitation only is nothing to do with policing the site, it's to do with attracting members who are more concerned with the kudos of being a member of an 'invitation only' site.

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