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Facebook to Launch Mail Service to Rival Gmail?

David Gilbert


Facebook to Launch Mail Service to Rival Gmail?

That Mark Zuckerberg is a funny guy. A week ago, at the last Facebook press conference, he confounded most tech journalists by not announcing a Facebook Phone and instead launched something a lot less exciting. It was called Deals or something. It wasn’t that interesting!

So you’d imagine following that pronouncement – along with claiming the iPad wasn’t mobile – Zuckerberg would retreat to Facebook towers to count his millions (or is it billions?) for a couple of months. But what’s this? Another Facebook press conference within two weeks – surely there’s something big afoot.

If we look at the press invite to the event in San Francisco next Monday, November 15th, there is a subtle hint that the pronouncement could well have something to do with messaging. (We’re very perceptive here at TrustedReviews.)

So Project Titan, Facebook’s much-rumoured email client (and supposed Gmail-killer) is the most obvious announcement to be made - though you can never really tell with that crazy Zuckerberg fellow. If however, Facebook does announce an email program as an attempt to rival Gmail, will it succeed?

Google’s dominance of the email market is huge. It is constantly updating its software and adding new innovations to make the email experience as pleasurable as possible. But is email a thing of the past?

Most Facebook users (and there are quite a few of them) do their messaging directly within Facebook as it is. No longer is there the need for the formality of an email when a message posted on someone’s wall will do. Obviously for business, email is still vital but for the casual user, would they not rather have their email account directly within their Facebook account?

The lure of an @facebook.com account would surely entice some people away from Gmail but for the vast majority of people Facebook and email are separate things for the moment and Project Titan could struggle to find a foothold in the market. In time though, with new Facebook accounts automatically getting an @facebook.com email address, it could prove a viable competitor for Google.

Of course all this is complete speculation and we will have to wait until about 6pm our time on Monday to see if Zuckerberg has something interesting to say. Rest assured though we will have the news here first at TrutedReviews.

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