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Facebook Unveils Mobile Tools but no Mobiles

David Gilbert


Facebook Unveils Mobile Tools but no Facebook Phone

So rumours of a Facebook phone are completely untrue; the iPad isn’t mobile and almost 200million people are using now Facebook on their mobile phones. Just another press conference from social media guru Mark Zuckerberg then.

Prior to the last night's press conference in Palo Alto, California there was a lot of buzz that Zuckerberg would announce some type of Facebook Phone. He was quick to scotch that rumour. “There's this rumor out there that we're building a phone, uh, no."

That’s that then I guess (or is it?) Ok, ok enough of this rumour-mongering and onto what the execs from Facebook did actually announce last night. The most important announcement (in our humble opinion) was a new way in which businesses can contact Facebook users near their locations.

The ‘Deals’ platform will allow businesses to contact Facebook users who are near them and send them special offers such as two-for-one deals or first 100 responders get free tickets. The platform will only be available in the US initially and rolled out around the world (similar to Places) at a later date. Could this be the way in which Facebook finally works out how to make money from its mind-boggling popularity?

The next biggest announcement was the single-sign-on third party apps. With this, if a user is already signed into Facebook, he can log into third-party apps with one click. Again this will be create better integration and could see Facebook become a hub for a number of other web applications.

One of the more light-hearted moments came when a journalist asked Zuckerberg that since this was a mobile press conference, when would Facebook announce a develop an app for the iPad. Zuckerberg dismissed the question with the short sharp: “"The iPad is not mobile. Next question."

While this drew loud gasps from those in attendance, Zuckerberg did come back to the question later and, retreating a little, said Facebook loved Apple and their products and it was more about looking at the tablet platform as a whole and not just the iPad as regards a Facebook app. Zuckerberg also announced updated apps for Android and the iPhone (adding Facebook Groups and refreshing Facebook Places) - adding blithely that 200million people are now using Facebook on their mobile devices.


November 4, 2010, 1:43 pm

Grr. Big techie billionaires are sometimes too powerful for their own good. I'm no fan of the ipad (not when compared with some of the Android based alternatives which are coming out now) but fancy denying that it's a mobile device?!


November 4, 2010, 2:13 pm


When 80% of the iPads users leave there's at home it say's it all really.


November 4, 2010, 2:37 pm

The iPad is portable (like a laptop) but not mobile (like an smartphone).


November 4, 2010, 5:13 pm

I agree with rav, was actually surprised that most tech sites seem surprised by this statement or that people think it was in some way insulting the ipad by not calling it mobile!

Mobile, in technology terms, to me means small and easily pockatable, and IMO a lot of the newer phones like the HTC Desire HD are pushing even that and the iPad definatly isnt!


November 4, 2010, 9:13 pm

What bloody non-news. He was saying he wanted to talk about "mobile" as in mobile phones, not that you couldn't carry the damn thing around. The iPad is a computer you can browse FB on it using a browser, there's therefore no need for an App, so there was no need for him to discuss it at this conference.

Anyway, this was a boring conference & I don't like the idea of FB being the glue for Apps. Shouldn't that be built into the OS (Android, iOS, WebOS, etc)? OpenID or something like that would also work, do we really need to give FB control over this? Cos once they've got it, there will be no stopping them.


November 5, 2010, 10:46 am

Unless that is you carry an iPad in your 'man bag' - something that isn't too surprising with Macheads.

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