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Facebook To Revamp Profile Pages

David Gilbert


Facebook To Revamp Profile Pages

Facebook is changing – again. In an interview on primetime American TV show 60 Minutes, the social network founder Mark Zuckerberg told host Lesley Stahl that the new-look profile pages went live on December 5 and would be rolled out to most users in early 2011.

A few weeks back Zuckerberg announced his non-email email system which will see all your emails, SMS messages and IM messages collated into one location. And it appears as if this type of info gathering will influence the new-look profile pages as well. The new pages will integrate all the information that is currently scattered across your Wall, photo albums and elsewhere on Facebook.

There will be a bio space at the top of your home page, similar to your Twitter or LinkedIn bio, which will give people an quick snapshot of who you are and what you are doing. There will also be a banner of photos underneath this profile showing your recent images. Zuckerberg also outlined how you will be able to view all your interactions with your friends in one place: “You can see all the things that you have in common with that person,” Zuckerberg told Stahl. "It gives you this amazing connection with that person in a way that the current version of the profile that we have today just doesn't do."

If you really, really want the new profile pages sooner than the general public you can get more information and be one of the first to change over by clicking here. Everyone else will get the new-look page in early 2011.

On the official Facebook Blog, software engineer, Josh Wiseman says: “There’s often no better way to learn about a person than through photos, the profile now includes a row of recently tagged photos of you.” A couple of better ways of getting to know someone come to mind – having an actual conversation with the person? – but who are we to question Facebook.

In possibly a more interesting announcement, Zuckerberg denied he had any plans for a Facebook-branded phone, something which has been rumoured for some time now.

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