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FIFA 2010 World Cup To Be Filmed In 3D

Gordon Kelly


FIFA 2010 World Cup To Be Filmed In 3D

In all fairness there are few things I'd rather less have appear to be in my living room than 22 footballers, but this is still rather exciting news...

In a joint announcement Sony and FIFA have announced the 2010 South African World Cup will be the first to be shown in 3D and Sony has secured the deal to produce it.

"3D will undoubtedly transform the way we enjoy content in the Living Room,” said Fujio Nishida, president of Sony Europe. “At Sony, the 3D entertainment experience will not only focus on the 3D TV alone, but from 2010 will also encompass a range of 3D compatible products such as Blu-ray Disc players, VAIO notebook computers and PlayStation 3 {via firmware update}."

25 of the World Cup matches will be shot in 3D with an official 3D film to be produced for Blu-ray. A potential fly in the ointment here is we're still waiting on an official industry standard for 3D on Blu-ray, but that has been edging closer and six months should be enough time to resolve that.

With Sky 3D broadcasts also already confirmed for 2010, does anyone think a high profile chat or two might be taking place at this very moment?

Let's just hope the technology impresses Sony golden boy Tom Hanks more than it did during his hilarious CES speech in January…


FIFA World Cup

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December 4, 2009, 8:10 pm

it's probably not impossible for sony to issue shutter lens glasses to owners of its 200Hz sets.

i just can't see myself having to wear coloured 3d glasses, ala channel 4 3d week.


December 4, 2009, 9:04 pm

In fairness CH4 3D Week was much better than I expected, the bats coming out of the screen in 'Flesh for Frankenstein' (no relation) was a hoot, ok that adverb is really for owls but I remember getting in after a (long) night out and trying to kick the buggers away from me.

This Sony deal might auger well for Englands' chances, another disputed goal line crossing or Hand of God will/may be shown in it's full dimensional glory.

On the other hand though, , , , , , , , : - )


December 7, 2009, 6:14 pm

So, will these 3D games be transmitted live, or is it just for this 3D Blu-ray? If it's for live tranmission, obviously we will need a 3D Ready TV, but what else will we need? Will it work on existing Sky HD boxes, or will we need everything in the equipment chain to be HDMI 1.4 compatible? I hear Panasonic have their own ideas about 3D standards, so no doubt their TVs won't be compatible with Sony's 3D standard.

You see, that's the problem. So many questions, but nobody seems to have the answers. Until everything is crystal clear in terms of 3D standards, then it isn't going to catch on any time soon. Many have just upgraded to HD Ready/Full HD TVs and other related equipment, yet we're being told 3D is the next TV revolution, but nobody seems to know what new equipment we're going to need.

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