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Exclusive: Windows 7 UK & Europe Upgrade ERPs

Gordon Kelly


Exclusive: Windows 7 UK & Europe Upgrade ERPs

So I've continued to push and prod for Microsoft answers all week about its Windows 7 E U-turn and now we've got something really juicy: the official UK and European Windows 7 upgrade edition RRPs.

The table below makes these figures as simple as possible but in essence Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium upgrades will set you back 299 euros, 285 euros and just 119 euros respectively. In the UK this will translate to £199.99, £189.99 and £79.99. This compares to full edition prices of 319 euros, 309 euros and 199 euros for Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium respectively and UK prices of £229.99, £219.99 and £149.99.

Yes, they could perhaps be a touch cheaper considering Windows 7 E Home Premium and Professional full editions were under promotion for £49.99 and £79.99. That said, they were so popular that the offer - designed to last until 14 August - sold out in just a few days.

Another important Microsoft revelation for us is that all Windows 7 upgrade editions in the UK and Europe will now ship on 22 October. This is day one of the global release schedule so there will be no delay. As for Windows 7 Family Pack news, I'm afraid this is still finalised.

In related news Microsoft has made the 'Windows XP Mode' available for public testing. It will work on both Windows 7 RC and RTM Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions. Its value is essentially in running a virtual XP environment so older software and hardware can run freely on the new OS. The downside is the feature has been targeted for business when it would clearly be of great help to the general public at large.


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