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Exclusive: INQ Not Dropping Brew For Android

Gordon Kelly


Exclusive: INQ Not Dropping Brew For Android

Last week it was widely reported that everyone's favourite new mobile phone manufacturer INQ was to drop its custom Brew-based operating system in favour of Google Android. We can reveal to you that isn't the case...

Speaking directly to INQ we were told that despite what was printed "INQ isn't saying anything at the moment other than that they are looking at Android. INQ is not dropping Brew. They're looking at both platforms in parallel. We're not totally sure where {the rumours} came from and appreciate you setting the story straight!"

From what we can gather the rumours actually come from a misinterpretation of quotes attributed to charismatic INQ CEO Frank Meehan (pictured) at the GigaOM Mobile conference in California. "We came to the conclusion that aside from licensing Palm {WebOS}, which is a fairly difficult thing to do, Android was really most suited for our plans with touchscreen devices," he said.

Unfortunately the context of Meehan's quotes was lost: the CEO had simply been asked whether INQ would consider other mainstream OSes for its handsets in future. Meehan was simply saying that should INQ pick another OS then Android was most suitable at present and consequently it is evaluating the platform.

Of course this doesn't mean INQ won't move from Brew to Android in future and it could well be the long term direction for the company. That said, in the here and now reports of the INQ Brew platform's demise have been greatly exaggerated...


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