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Evesham Conjures Alqemi Down To 26 Inches

Gordon Kelly


Evesham Conjures Alqemi Down To 26 Inches

Despite hitting new price lows Evesham's Alqemi line has been a solid performer in the TR labs and now it has been sized down for the bedroom.

So, despite measuring just 26 inches, the latest Alqemi is a full blooded performer with a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 making it good for 720p High Definition video while the set will also accept a 1080i signal.

Response time is also good at 8ms though, curiously, Evesham has declined to mention figures for either the brightness or contrast ratios. That said – for such a small set – connectivity is well featured with an HDMI port, two SCARTS, S-Video, Component and Composite, plus VGA and DVI.

Two versions of the 26 incher will be made available: the 26V which comes with an analogue tuner and the 26VX which is kitted out with a digital Freeview ready tuner complete with CAM (Conditional Access Module) slot for TopUpTV. Furthermore the 26VX comes with a second HDMI port – well worth having.

The cash strapped will be delighted to hear the 26V comes in at a mere £349 including VAT while at just 50 quid more those with a little extra cash to spread around would be well advised to go for the £399 26VX.


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