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Etymotic Research ER•4PT Adds To Micro Pro Range

David Gilbert


Etymotic Research ER-4PT Adds To MicroPro Range

What do you get for someone who has everything? It will be a question many will be asking as we approach the Christmas season. If that certain person is an avid music fan, then Etymotic Research’s ER•4PT in-ear headphones could be the answer - if you have $299 lying around that is.

Etymotic Research, an innovator in personal listening and communications and the inventor of in-ear technology, has added to its high-end MicroPro Series with the ER•4PT earphones designed for the professional sound engineer and audiophile while on the move. The company brought us a couple of more affordable earphone sets in the the past couple of months - the hf3s and the MC5s - but these earphones seem to be targeting a very different market.

Based on Etymotic's ACCU Technology platform, the ER•4PT earphones have “unsurpassed frequency response accuracy” according to Etymotic. “ER-4PTs have the highest noise isolation of any earphones in any category, fulfilling Etymotic’s mission to protect hearing by reducing outside sound to reduce the risk of listening at unsafe levels.” There is even a chance to custom fit your headphones to suit your particular ear type – whatever that may be.

The ER•4PTs can produce up to 122dB of maximum output, and have a frequency response of 20Hz to 16kHz. The headphones ship with a 0.25-inch adapter for home audio systems, and an airline adapter is included for international flights that don't accept the 3.5mm jack. Otherwise, Etymotic bundles a selection of eartips, a filter-changing tip, a storage box and a travel pouch.

For more information check out Etymotic Research’s website.

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