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Epson Launches New LCD Projectors

The £1,099 EH-TW2900, meanwhile, drops the light output to a still promising 1,600 Lumens, while the contrast ratio falls to 18,000:1. The design lacks the TW3500's silver trim too, if that's important to you.

Heading still further down the range brings us to the EH-TW450. Priced at just £649, this HD Ready model is clearly aimed at a more casual audience wanting a multi-purpose, bright projector that can handle sports coverage, films and games in environments where there might well be ambient light to contend with. To this end, a respectable 3,000:1 contrast ratio is joined by a huge brightness output of 2,500 Lumens.

Further convenience features of the TW450 include an automatic colour calibration system, a compact and thus easily portable design, and a built-in USB port for direct playback of digital photographs.

Focussing even more on convenience, meanwhile, is the cheapest of the new Epson models, the £579 EH-DM3. As with last year's DM2, the DM3 features a carry handle, a built-in speaker system, a built-in DVD player and a USB port, making it as easy as possible to set up and use anytime and anywhere you like.

We weren't great fans of this model's predecessor, it has to be said. But Epson has dramatically improved the brightness (to 2,000 Lumens) and colour dynamism of the DM3, making it a far more effective proposition in a bright environment.

All five of the new projectors should be launching between now and November, so keep your eyes peeled for reviews as soon as we can get our hands on them.

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