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Epson Launches New LCD Projectors

John Archer


Epson Launches New LCD Projectors

Epson has unveiled its upcoming range of LCD home projectors. And far from the stripped down affair we might have expected in the current climate, it boldly comprises no less than five different models, ranging in price from £579 To £3,999, and taking in everything from the casual ‘teen bedroom' market to the devoted cinephile.

At the very top of the range sits the EH-TW5500, a full HD model using Epson's own D7 3LCD panel technology and a new dual iris design to produce a spectacular claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1.

Also helping the matt-black TW5500 earn its flagship status is its use of the renowned HQV video processing system, 12-bit video processing, and an advanced frame interpolation system for reducing judder. Crucially, this latest frame interpolation system is more adaptive to the content you're watching than previous Epson efforts, which should result in fewer unwanted processing side effects.

The TW5500's £3,999 price tag includes a five-year warranty for the projector and lamp that includes Saturday service - thus saving you the inconvenience of taking a day off work if you need to call an engineer out.

Stepping down from the TW5500 we find the £2,999 TW4400, which adopts a white finish and drops the contrast ratio to a claimed 130,000:1 - which is still an impressive figure by anyone's standards.

Both of Epson's new high-end models also feature extensive optical zooms, as well as horizontal and vertical image shifting, making them easy and flexible to install.

From the TW4400 there's quite a jump down to the £1,299 EH-TW3500. This still offers a full HD resolution, but it doesn't use Epson's dual-iris arrangement and so can ‘only' claim a contrast ratio of 36,000:1. Mind you, this figure still looks favourable versus the figures quoted by most similarly priced rivals.

Available in a compact, white chassis with silver trim, the TW3500 boasts two HDMIs, and a maximum brightness of 1,800 Lumens.

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