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Epson Announces Two New Projectors

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Epson Announces Two New Projectors

Epson has announced two new projectors aimed at the business market one of which features wireless connectivity.

The EMP-835 and EMP-830 both offer XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution with a ANSI Lumens (brightness) rating of 3000 and a 600:1 contrast ratio. Lamp-life is given as 3,000 hours. The CCDs used in the projectors are 4:3 in shape rather than widescreen 16:9, but this makes sense considering these are intended more aimed at the boardroom rather than the bedroom.

The EMP-835 offers built-in wireless connectivity that conforms to the 802.11g standard, delivering speeds of up to 54MB/sec. This also conforms to the latest security standards such as WEP and WPA, ensuring that you can transmit corporate data to the projector securely. As well as wireless, the EMP-835 features a USB and PC Card slot, enabling presentations to be made from removable storagemedia, doing away with the need to use a laptop.

The high zoom lens ensures that the projector can be used to create a picture of 60 inches at a distance of only 1.8m or at up to 2.8m enabling the projector to be placed in more convenient positions. An auto-setup feature ensures that the screen sorts itself out for you in 12-18 seconds, so you can quickly get on with the job of presenting while the low fan noise of only 28db means you won’t be overly disturbed while doing so. The EMP-830 offers the same features but without the wireless connectivity.

The EMP-835 will have a suggested retail price of £2,899 while the EMP-830 will cost £2,749. You can find out more details on these projectors at www.epson.co.uk.

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